Management Behavior Memo

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Management Behavior Memo
University of Phoenix
October 25, 2009
October 25, 2009
TO: All First Level Managers
FROM: SDS, Manager
RE: Management Behavior

The CEO has announced InterClean, Inc. has officially acquired EnviroTech, placing 60 employees into our current sales team within the next few months. This merger will place the company in the lead of the global market. The equilibrium of the merger will require commitment on the behalf of the management team. This memorandum is for you, as managers, to understand how to be prepared to adapt to the challenges of the merger, especially in regards to three specific areas: management behavior and communication,
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Employment Laws

Ethical and lawful behavior has always been expected at this company; however, it is especially important now. All managers need to understand the importance of fair employee treatment; this includes both potential employees and existing employees. Managers also need to sharpen communication skills and be able to perform in an environment consisting of a variety of cultural backgrounds. Understanding employee laws can prevent complaints of ethical violations and/or employee laws. Our CEO, David Spencer, spoke of management training in regards to OSHA standards, environmental regulations, and other emerging issues.

David also recently spoke to all employees in a memo stating that there are many opportunities for job transfers into new positions and/or help in creation of these positions. With the additional 60 employees merging from Enviro Tech, the cultural diversity will be larger. Managers must remain professional and evaluate individual employees on grounds of capability for performance and job requirements, not cultural difference.


Your efforts and behaviors will truly make the difference for InterClean, Inc. during the acquisition of Enviro Tech. With all management support in the areas of management behavior and communication, teamwork within a diverse atmosphere, and employment laws, the integration of
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