Management Calls For A Successful Shop For The Organization

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There comes a time when feeding is going to be necessary in order for an individual to grow. Feedback is going to allow for evaluation for an individual, which could lead to improvement or a promotion within the company. My current company, Griffis Blessing Property Management calls for secret shoppers. This is going to be a direct method on evaluating workers in their method on completing their job. A secret shop is going to have 3 criteria on evaluating. It is going to be evaluated on phone call, appointment/ property evaluation, and closing/ call back. This shop that Griffis Blessing appointed will give a direct representation about their current employees in their organization. I acquired a top score, which is rarely down within the company. This shop shown that I was taking job seriously and had passion about completing my job.
This program allows for improvement if that individual did not do a successful shop for the organization. The appraisal for getting a high score was given to me in cash reward. This allows for retaining of current employees since they praise excellent work. Not all companies are going to praise their employees for doing a successful job, however, this is going to cause for individuals to stay with the company.
Continuous feedback is going to be necessary in order for the company to grow. Communication is going to be necessary in order for individuals to get along with each other. The authors Timperley & Robinson (1997) stated that teacher…
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