Management Can Improve A Better Work

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At Sambian, management (particularly the CEO Helen Gasbarian) needs to better understand the needs and concerns of its employees. While attrition requires attention from all businesses regardless of their industry; Sambian’s inability to pinpoint its shortcomings with regard to employee concerns has resulted in the company losing top tier talent. Conversely, if Sambian’s employees are willing to provide specific feedback as to where the company’s shortcomings lie management will be able to address the issues and put a plan in place to correct its mistakes. Getting genuine, honest, and substantive feedback from Sambian’s employees is vital in establishing new policies, programs, and procedures to address employee’s thoughts, opinions and concerns. Sambian requires a complete overhaul in its approach to gathering, analyzing, and addressing employee concern. There are many things Sambian can do to address this issue. Management can enable employees to balance work-life, allow employees to become involved in key decisions that may affect their careers or the trajectory of the company when possible, and recognize excellent performance. To promote a better work-life balance for its employees Sambian could begin to offer flexible work schedules. Flexible work schedules are the foundation for work-life balance. An example of this is New York City online publishing company allowing employees to telecommute three days a week. Implementing this policy allows employees to save many
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