Management: Case Analysis

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MGMT 2130 CASE ANALYSIS Exam Winter 2015

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No electronic devices of any kind are permitted during the exam. Make sure your cell phone/pager is turned off and kept out of sight.
If you have a question or have to go to the bathroom, raise your hand.
Answer all questions in the exam booklet.

Time: 60 MINUTES Part Mark Received Section I

/ 12 Section II

/ 8 Section III

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Section IV

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Section V

/ 15

TOTAL / 75

1. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (12 marks)
Conduct SWOT analysis based on
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In this industry, the entry barriers are decided by the competitor’s capital investment and market share. The food and beverage business is divided into two categories: the first market segment relates to a commercial food business which owns 79 percent of market share. Douglas fine food comes under a commercial food segment and owns a large amount of market share in Catering, franchises, and restaurant services. The business possesses a strong base in the market through its long holding presence in the market due to which the new entrant cannot impose a high potential threat to the company.
Bargaining power of Supplier (MEDIUM)
In the food and beverage industry the supplier posses plenty of options to change their strategic alliances and form the new one according to their suitable price. Similarly, the company does not compromise on the quality of raw material and hence, transforms their alliances as per the quality of material. If the supplier is enjoying its strategic alliance as well as the manufacturing firm is comfortable with their supplier performance, then the price of the raw material would be slightly competitive and high.
Threat of substitute products (HIGH)
The non-commercial business is providing the substitution to the commercial and high scale food service provider. The low priced services provided by the non-commercial fragmented sector could be a potential threat to Douglas because these small scale businesses are catering
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