Management Challenge of Motivating Employees

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One of the major challenges management faces is motivatingemployees to do their best at work. Successful organizations have motivatedand enthusiastic employees. In this paper I will summarize three articles I’ve found in Harvard Business Review and relate them to chapter 16 from our text on motivation. In this summary I will show the relationship between a motivated workforce and corporate performances. I will then apply the concepts from the articles and the text to management in a personal organizational setting. The first article was abouta new model of employee motivation. For centuries thinkers and behaviorists have studied whatmotivates human beings. Today knowledge of brain science, neuroscience, biology, and evolutionary…show more content…
Students, who attended school with high HCM maturity scores in key areas such as employee’s learning culture and work design, performed better. They found that the school district’s traditional emphasis on teaching to state standards had less to do with student performances than did the teachers’ overall work and learning culture, the schools’ ability to reinforce and retain talent, and other factors relating to human capital processes ( Bassi & McMurrer, 2007). Bassi (2007) and McMurrer (2007)also did a four year study at American Standard, a manufacturing business. They found several specific HCM factors with high maturity scores were most closely associated with high sales performance, including executive and supervisory skills(both in the leadership practice category), information sharing(in the knowledge accessibility category), and innovation( in the learning capacity category). A similar study at American Standard revealed a strong relationship between HCM practices and accident rates. Plants with lower accident rates excelled inthree areas: supervisory skills( in leadership practices category), information sharing( in the knowledge accessibility category), and supporting employee skill development ( in the learning capacity category) ( Bassi & McMurrer, 2007). They did a final study that revealed the power of HCM to drive stock performances in a financial service. Assessing your own HCM, you need employee and management surveys that can be used
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