Management Challenges Of The Military Awards Based On Rank

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Military Awards Based on Rank
SGM George K. Ott
United States Army Sergeants Major Academy
Class 42
SGM Keith B. Finkley
30 August 2016

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Military Awards Based on Rank 7

This paper is about the problems the military is having on the fairness of military awards and the bias towards junior officers and junior soldiers not getting the higher awards. First, should military awards be based on rank or merit because hard work and merit is the reason for the award? Even though rank may play a small factor, should military awards be based on rank or merit because hard work and merit is the reason for the award, rank should not be a factor in the award,
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As Senior NCO?s we need to come up with ways to help fix the awards process to make it fair and based on merit not rank or position.
According to ?AR 600-8-22 / 25 June 2015 para 3-1 c: The decision to award an individual a decoration and the decision as to which award is appropriate are both subjective decisions made by the commander having award approval authority. Awards for meritorious achievement or service will not be based upon the grade of the intended recipient. Rather, the award should reflect both the individual?s level of responsibility and his or her manner of performance. The degree to which an individual?s achievement or service enhanced the readiness or effectiveness of his or her organization will be the leading factor?.
I think the AR 600-8-22 is very clear on the guidance for awards and we need to change the way awards are written and ensure the commander knows and understands the process.
My Personal Frustration with the Awards Process
As a Sergeant Major I have sat on numerous military awards boards and have written many recommendations for awards for my soldiers and military personnel in my units. I was deployed to Farah, Afghanistan with a combined joint force on a Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) in 2007 as the Civil Affairs Team NCOIC and Forward Operating Base SGM. The PRT missions was civil affairs and helps set-up governance and build schools in the Farah, Afghanistan area of operation, with a Navy Commander and joint
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