Management Challenges in the 21st Century

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Introduction Management is defined as the process of administering and coordinating resources effectively and efficiently in an effort to achiever the goals of the organization. Managers plan, lead, organize and control. Managing in the 21st century can pose many challenges. Some of these challenges are telecommuting, globalization and diversity, and a changing legal climate.
Information technology is making it easier for employees to work from home. Telecommuting has several benefits for employees: reduced cost for gas, more time to focus on work, luxury of working in his or her home, and a flexible schedule. Theses potential benefits sound great, but do they ultimately benefit a company? It is harder to manage
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“While English is the accepted language of global business, linguistic dexterity demonstrates efforts toward understanding the hose country culture and customs and helps acquire knowledge of the history, geography and other aspects of the host culture.“ (Krupp, 2006) There are also culture barriers in the workplace. Managers must work effectively with the diverse assortment of religions and cultures among his or her employees. They must also understand what cultural factors may influence an employee’s productivity and availability and find ways to work around these constraints. The effective manager must not simply wait for the employee to communicate these constraints, because the employee may feel too intimidated to do so. In the global economy, managers must proactively adapt to varying cultures by actively learning what traditions or mores may affect an employee‘s happiness or effectiveness.
Litigious Legal Landscape The United States is more litigious than in previous centuries. Although there has been a backlash against what can be perceived in popular culture as “political correctness,“ lawsuits are still filed far more readily than previous decades. These lawsuits may be filed over perceived offenses related to gender, ethnicity, age sexual orientation, cultural insensitivity, or other factors that contribute to a “hostile work environment.”
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