Management Challenges in the Tourism Sector

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Management challenges in the tourism sector Management can be defined to be a process with which an organization with the help of the managerial staffs support in the coordination of the activities of the enterprise in accordance to the given/stated rules, policies and guidelines to help in attaining a defined strategic goal, this is according to the business dictionary. Sometimes however management is considered to be a factor of production besides money, machines and materials. In the management process however there are challenges which are involved which can either be negative or positive thus interfering with the organizational performance of various industrial sectors, for instance we will take the tourism industry to be our case study areas which is affected by several challenges. Tourism industry is one of the leading international industrial sectors in the global economy. It consists of a multitude of activities which helps it to be considered to be one of the worlds fastest international sector .Tourism management tends to pursue an interdisciplinary approach of management which consists of planning and the policy aspects of national, regional as well as the international management policies. Several changes have taken place in the world especially in the tourism sector though the similar challenges that were previously there in the past ten years are some of the similar challenges which affect the sector to date. The challenges can be subdivided as external
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