Management Change Models Implement at Bank of America.

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Running Head: ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT CHANGE MODELS. Analyzing changes that have being implemented at Bank of America. Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: In the past decade, different terms have been used for the concept of the reduction in workforce. These include downsizing, rightsizing, re-engineering, job separation and workforce imbalance correction. Scholars and human resource practitioners have not clearly documented the technical differences between all these terms but one thing that is common to all is that they all result to lay-offs. Employee lay-offs is not a new phenomenon, over the last decade the business world has witnessed tremendous amounts of changes with the most noteworthy been the technological developments…show more content…
The fourth step is the communication of the vision. The message should be powerful and convincing. The management should use the same vision in solving daily problems. The management should respond to the employees concerns and anxieties honestly and try to convince them the change is necessary (Kotter, 1996). The fifth step is empowerment of the change processes. Kotter (1996) asserts that the stage should try to remove the obstacles of change. This is a critical point especially when the organization is implementing new processes. At this point, some people will resist the change processes because they are used to a particular method of doing things. The management can hire change leaders whose role will be studying the organization’s structure, reviewing job descriptions and compensation systems (Kotter, 1996). The sixth step is to create short-term wins. The management should plan for visible short-term performance improvements. The management should analyze the potential benefits and disadvantages of the short-term goals. In some cases, failure in attaining the short-term goals may jeopardize the entire change process. The seventh step in the implementation is to build on the change by planning for visible performance improvements. The management should reinforce the
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