Management Communications with Technology Tools Essay

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Calvin Craig Ogden BUS 600 Management Communications with Technology Tools Identifying Key Metrics in Performance Measurement of Organizational Change Dr. Bob Miller February 14, 2010 Managing organizational change and improvement is one of the most complex tasks of leadership. Leaders need to understand the change process in order to lead and manage change and improvement efforts effectively. Leaders must learn to overcome barriers and cope with the chaos that naturally exists during the complex process of change. Managers and other organizational leaders should assist workers and other stakeholders build effective teams by…show more content…
The process model with its managerial emphasis drawing selectively on the disciplines of economics, mathematics, statistics, philosophy, psychology, sociology, political science, anthropology and law. The process model’s objective-oriented outcome approach best allows for successful adaptation of organizational change leading to long-term success”. The implementation strategy for the organizational change that includes the introduction of key performance indicators (KPIs), lean performance initiatives and cash-flow management will be both top-down and bottom-up. Clear communication that brings employees of all levels on board with the changes being made and how it affects them and the future of their company and job must be made. Ensuring that all stakeholders understand that they have a say in the success of their company and therefore increased success for themselves is paramount. The KPIs will be both financial and non-financial. KPIs will be used to monitor factors that are known to create value within the business. KPIs will help ensure that the following things are in place, “products and services that are attractive to consumers both now and in the future, clear objectives that are communicated
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