Management, Computer Administration And Foreign Language

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“Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever” When making life decisions, economic principles can be applied to lead us to the most successful choice. Two principles to be considered are “People face trade-offs” and “The cost of something is what you give up to get it”. The college has a many courses to pick from, but I 've narrowed my choices down to three classes I have been interested in taking since coming to campus: Management, Computer Administration and Foreign Language. All three classes will provide with profitable knowledge for my future and each class has different attributes that will benefit me as an accountant. In order to choose the best class for my major, I decided to trade an option against the others by evaluating the economic principles of trade off and opportunity cost. The price for tuition and books, being about equal, are not the true costs that I considered when choosing between the three courses. The cost comes from what I have to give up because I did not choose the other two. I decided to first evaluate Management. The benefits of taking Management are learning how to manipulate the resources of a company in order to obtain the most efficient and effective results. This class is a good opportunity to become a leader and had better speech abilities, which I consider are important skills to an Accountant. If I want to make my point of view respect for my coworkers, I have to improve my abilities of management and

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