Management Concept - Planning

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Planning is deciding in advance what to do and how to do. It is one of the basic managerial functions. Before doing something, the manager must formulate an idea of how to work on a particular task. Thus, planning is closely connected with creativity and innovation. But the manager would first have to set objectives, only then will a manager know where he has to go. Planning seeks to bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to go. Planning is what managers at all levels do. It requires taking decisions since it involves making a choice from alternative courses of action.
In simple words, planning is deciding in advance what is to be done, when, where, how and by whom it is to be done. Thus, a plan is a
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It is basically an intellectual activity of thinking rather than doing, because planning determines the action to be taken. However, planning requires logical and systematic thinking rather than guess work or wishful thinking. In other words, thinking for planning must be orderly and based on the analysis of facts and forecasts.

Significance and Importance of Planning
• Planning facilitates management by objectives.
a. Planning begins with determination of objectives.
b. It highlights the purposes for which various activities are to be undertaken.
c. In fact, it makes objectives more clear and specific.
d. Planning helps in focusing the attention of employees on the objectives or goals of enterprise.
e. Without planning an organization has no guide.
f. Planning compels manager to prepare a Blue-print of the courses of action to be followed for accomplishment of objectives.
g. Therefore, planning brings order and rationality into the organization.
• Planning minimizes uncertainties.
a. Business is full of uncertainties.
b. There are risks of various types due to uncertainties.
c. Planning helps in reducing uncertainties of future as it involves anticipation of future events.
d. Although future cannot be predicted with cent percent accuracy but planning helps management to anticipate future and prepare for risks by necessary provisions to meet unexpected turn of events.
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