Management Concerns Of Corrections For Special Populations Essay

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Management Concerns in Corrections for Special Populations
Michelle Bergos
Introduction to Corrections 140
September 25, 2016
Jason Skeens Abstract

More often than not, if John Q. Public is asked the purpose or goals of our American correctional system the reply is incapacitation, retribution, deterrence, and rehabilitation. However, what we are really asking for our corrections system to do is to secure and supervise the individuals cast out of society through the judicial process regardless of their individual needs and abilities. The purpose of this particular study is focused on the management of special needs inmates and the burdens incurred at various levels. For this study, special needs populations are defined as prisoners who exhibit unique physical, mental, social, and programmatic needs that distinguish them from other prisoners and to whom jail and prison management and staff have to respond in nontraditional and innovative ways (Schmalleger & Smykla 2013). The special needs populations included individuals suffering from mental illness, drug and alcohol abuse and dependency, the elderly, sufferers of chronic and communicable diseases, and physical disabilities. Keywords: corrections, special needs offenders, management

Corrections and the Management of Special Needs Inmates
To say the correctional system is overwhelmed with the needs and care of the special needs population is an understatement. Nonetheless, jail and prisons officials have

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