Management Consultancy

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University of San Carlos School of Business and Economics Department of Business Administration ENTREP 31 – ENTREPRENEURIAL MARKETING 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM M-W JWC 434 MC 2nd Semester November 2011 to March 2012 By: Amor Ofquera To: Mr. Jimmy U. Lucero February 29, 2012 Case 2.1 Reynolds & Reynolds 1. How is the effective of team selling demonstrated by the Reynolds team, and what are some of the disadvantages to this method in this particular case? * The Reynolds team demonstrated the effective team selling because Reynolds provided the needs of American Ford for a new retention plan to boost service sales, and Reynolds group effectively presented their marketing strategies and tied up the deal successfully and when…show more content…
* The salesperson did a disagreement signals because I think the salesperson face was showing wrinkled face and he did a sudden silence and he didn’t make handshake to the buyer. And it indicated that he are dealing with a person becoming uninterested to listen his presentation because she mind a lot of things. 2. If you were john Andrews, how would you handle the situation? * If I were John Andrews I will tell to Ms. Martha Gillespie if she had a lot of appointments, I would ask her time first in a few minutes to listen his presentation before she go to the other appointments because I went at her office because she appoint me at that hour even I had also a lot of appointments but I went there to made a presentation, and after that I will go and take her time to her another appointment. Case 6A.1 Claire Cosmetics 1. What can Jane do to prepare herself for the meeting and reduce her nervousness? * Be knowledgeable of the product because if she knows what she’s talking about, she can present it perfectly. She just need to believe in herself for her to present very good, she need to put in her mind that she can do what others do and she can make it high than the others. She needs more confidence to do the presentation very well. 2. If you were attending the meeting, what ideas would you present? * In order to be successful, salespeople need to be knowledgeable about many
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