Management Consultants

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What can individual management consultants or management consultancy as a profession contribute to the recover from current economic climate. Introduction • Definition ] • Management consultant history development • Possible contribution of management consultant • Current economic climate, whats needed but organisations in the recovery • What I am going to talk about in the essay – base of my argument Paragraphs • Globilization • Technology • Control of risk • Business become lean • Create jobs Management consultant is a profession and a practice that helps organisations improve productivity and performance through the use of expertise and knowledge. Consultants…show more content…
According to Clarkston Consulting by having a full integrated system the business process is simplified and efficient providing a platform for organisations to meet their needs and projected growth. This intervention made by the consultancy firm indicates that consultancy as a practice can contribute to an increase in efficiency in organisations, which will lead to an increase in economic activity by the organisation and in turn help the economy. According to Akintoye, MacLeod (1998) the economic recovery is going to be reliant on the improvements in market driven companies. They have suffered in growth due to the lack of disposable income of their customers due to increases in VAT and inflation. They have also suffered due to the increasing power of consumers who have more opportunities to choose Cairo (2010). In this situation management consultancy can contribute by advising the organisations the different way in which they could increase their understanding of their market, thus give them the ability to increase their customer retention and draw new customers. Consultancy can achieve this through market research and analysis of consumer trends, so they can tune existing marketing complain to optimization strategy for the changing consumers. By ensuring that the organisation meets these objectives consultants can provide a platform for the organisation to achieve future growth. This growth will lead to an increase in spending by the organisation on
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