Management Consulting Firm: Overview of an Enterprise Technology Analyst Firm

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Management Consulting Firm: Enterprise Technology Analyst Firm Introduction Concentrating on the needs of enterprises that are looking to gain the greatest potential value from their investments in enterprise software, mobility devices, and social networks, the proposed consulting firm concentrates on the business implications of emerging technologies. The audience being served by this consulting firm includes enterprises, many of which are members of the Fortune 1,000, who are looking to gain competitive advantages from their investments in information technologies (IT), while also working with vendors of these technologies to better align their products to market needs. Creating frameworks that are comparable in scope to Gartner's well-known Magic Quadrant and MarketScopes will be essential for the success of this enterprise, as these frameworks effectively brand consultancies while providing insights into their value and approach to interpreting technology trends (Krass, 2005). The greater the depth of expertise a technology analyst firm has with regard to the business value that technologies can deliver, the more valuable the firm is to enterprise buyers (Dolbeck, 2006). To provide useful insight, intelligence and guidance regarding technology purchases by enterprises to enable them to attain their strategic goals is precisely the reason this firm is being created. Types of Issues and Problems The Consulting Firm Will Address Many of the leading enterprises
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