Management Controlling

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How to achieve an effective controlling in an organization By the late 1970s, a successful economic reform program launched in China, many enterprise grasped this opportunity and enjoy a huge achievement during this rare reformation. While the market transferred to a developed market economic, however, enterprise faced more challenges than the past and earning quick profit seems to be more difficult. Ultimately, many of these enterprises shut down due to own ineffective controlling process, failing in the tougher market. It is come to an agreement that in a mature market, the crucial factor that whether a competitive enterprise enables to settle in the market is determined by the effectiveness of both its internal and external…show more content…
1: The external controlling—organizational system The emphasis of bureaucracy is on hierarchical organization and the detailed division of labor. This restricts personal feelings and behaviors on the basis of written rules so as to achieve the purpose of the organization. (Olsen, 2006) In other words, bureaucracy relies on a strict and mature organizational system. The system comprises precise regulation and rules to implement effective controlling. In an organization, advantages from the system control can largely benefit the whole organization, which include, lowering the cost of control, keeping high efficiency operations, maintaining a fairly and justice workplace environment. (Salaman, 2005) In the long run, a perfect system can ensure the consistency of the organization’s activities, and an equal workplace environment can greatly release the workplace conflict between the managers and the employees. However, Sližienė and Vaitkienė (2007) point out that a perfect system controlling depends on two factors. On the one hand, it is hard to make a perfect system that satisfied the interest of everyone. Besides, it may be impossible to make predictive and far-sighted regulations to be able to solve all the difficulties. At the same time, even though the system itself is perfect enough, the process to implement these rules seems to be more difficult. Where the executors can make mistakes in this process, and
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