Management Department At Concord Machines

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Over the past few weeks, Robert “Bob” Dunn has been under pressure from the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to meet strenuous goals. The President and CEO position at Concord Machines is currently held by Jay Nguyen. Robert “Bob” Dunn is the General Manager of the Services Division at Concord Machines. Within three years, Robert Dunn was able to rebuild the organization and successfully expand into Europe and Asia. His Services Division has projected to bring in half of the company’s revenue and all of the company’s profit. Six months ago, Jay Nguyen hired a new employee, Annette Innella. Jay Nguyen decided that the company needed to be reinvented and planned to “shake things up.” Annette Innella is hired as the Vice President…show more content…
Before he rushes out of the cafeteria he throws his plate into the wall making an awful mess. On account of Bob’s ridiculous stunt, Annette lost her appetite. Alex knew it was best to kindly escort her back to her office. While in her office, she speaks with Nathan Singer, the head of HR and eventually received a call from the CEO after word got back to him.
From the Vice President of the Knowledge Management perspective, Concord Machines is an old-line manufacturer that’s been using a traditional way of doing things for a while. This weakness prevents the company from properly engaging in the current economy. As stated by Annette, the company’s knowledge is its greatest competitive asset. She also states, she believes there are two kinds of people in business: the constructive and the destructive. Of course, the Vice President goes on to say that Robert Dunn is considered to be a destructive person.
Annette predicted she would have a tough time but did not expect to encounter such a humiliating experience at her new company. Bob’s intense aggression was unforeseen, although she sensed Robert Dunn was not fond of her position nor pleased with her presence at Concord Machines. Now that Annette does not feel safe working with Bob and is scared of what he could do if he gets upset again.
Things became intense for Bob Dunn when President and CEO Jay Nguyen called Bob into his office to discuss the company’s current status and upcoming events. Jay
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