Management Discussion And Analysis : Company 's Operational And Financial Condition During The Year

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The following Management Discussion and Analysis was developed to provider the reader with an overview of management’s view of the company’s operational and financial condition during the year. This information should be used in conjunction with the financial statement and accompanying notes to the financial statements to grasp a clear understanding of the information provided (Cerner, 2013).
Our fiscal year ends on December 31 of each year, despite the day of the week. 2013 was the first year and we began operations on January 1, 2013; therefore, the assessments discussed within in section are based on 52 weeks of operations.
Management Overview
Our revenues are generated from a variety of consulting services that consist of business
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During 2013, we were able to recruit approximately 50 percent of the individuals we need to meet our staff level projections and have already began planning for the second round of recruitment to meet a 60 percent to 75 percent staff capacity by the end of 2014. Maintaining sufficient staff levels will allow us to effectively and efficiently meet the demand of our clients and meet our growth expectations through 2014 and beyond.
In addition to staff growth, we plan to focus on revenue and earnings growth. The financial performance reflected in our first four quarters of operations is indicative of what we can expect for future financial performance trends. As indicated in the Financial Highlights section, we can have strong financial performance if we remain focused on our marketing efforts and maintain sufficient staff to service our customers within a timely manner. Our primary objective is to develop a marketing team with a sole focus on promoting our services to ensure financial consistency and growth.
Results Overview
During 2013, the company dhad strong levels of revenues, earnings, and client acquisitions. We also managed to build relationships with multiple small- to medium-sized companies as well as add two large clients, the Girl Scouts of America in Dallas and Boy Scouts of America, to our customer base.
Total revenues for the year were $73,500 with total expenses of $38,210, which
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