Management Education: My Personal Statement Of Management

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My previous education was management (majoring finance). Since beginning I have strong passion and curiosity about Management. I was very interested about management because it learned me more about leadership and how to control the organization and business. During four years, I have learned management at university of Padjadjaran and joined a lot of organization in my university. Because I reliazed management without practice was nothing, so I had practiced my management knowledges through student organizations when I was student. I also learned about how to set up the goals and manage part of business such as human resources, operational, finance, and marketing. But I never practiced it in real life, because management education system only taught about sciences with limited practices for Bachelor Degree. So that’s why, I…show more content…
I gave chance to improve my finance knowledges and joined Finance division as Treasury. Overall my role was maintained corporate banking facility and fundraising at PT United Tractors Tbk and also made financial engineering depend on my company needs. I also responsible for main job such as:
1. Cashflow Management
2. Treasury Report Consolidation PT United Tractors Tbk and Affiliated Company
3. Central Bank Regulation Reporting & Compliance
4. Intercompany or Shareholder Loan Management
5. Maintain and Control Direct Loan Facility and Medium Term Note for Leasing Company
6. Investing UT Idle Cash to Financial Instrument
7. Forex Exposure and Transaction Management
8. Relationship Management to Bank, Leasing Company, Central Bank, Indonesian Stock Exchange, Financial Services Authorities, Rating Agency and Others Financial Institution
9. Credit Facility Management (Bank Guarantee/SBLC, LC/SKBDN, Supplier/ Vendor Financing, AR Factoring, Bilateral Loan, Overdraft, and AP Financing for Scania and Tadano)
10. Contract Agreement Review for Financing

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