Management Executive Summary

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1. Executive Summary
A comfortable atmosphere provides a place where the customer can work, meet, relax or enjoy a healthy choice of bread. Freshly brewed coffee, expresso drinks, frozen coffee drinks, specialty teas and other beverages, along with assorted bakery, lunch and desert items make this a place to go and relax anytime of the day.
2. Current Situation Barriers to Entry
The major barrier to entry for a specialty bakery is the perception that healthy food tastes worse than unhealthy food. Since the population that would shop exclusively at a specialty bakery is very limited, it would be a huge disadvantage to exclude the general population based on this negative public perception. Capital requirements would also be a barrier
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For the five years John was the manager he was able to cut production cost by 17%.
Beside John, James had also hired four other staff that will assist John in executing the plan. Linda Ong has run her own successful CPA consulting firm for 15 years. Her duties will include the bookkeeping, inventory management and stock fulfilment. Edward runs his own PR Company and will be assisting the Bread Empire Bakery in its marketing campaigns on a part-time basis.
Ramlah, who had spent her last five years at her family 's store, she was the general employee manager. Her duties at the bakery will include employee hiring and training, head baker and store management. Ah Guan has worked as a baker for over five years and will be the head baker. His responsibilities will also include the management of the bakery shopping list.

4. SWOT Analysis Internal Strengths * Well known in restaurants and local grocery stores * Ability to deliver what the market wants * Solid business reputation in the marketplace * Good quality product and reliable service * Good and recognize location | Internal Weakness * Some members of our baking staff need more training * More salesperson would help to increase and improve business * Delivery later than promise * We did not consider those who are gluten-intolerance or other health
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