Management Expert, Henry Mintzberg On Management : Inside Our Strange World Of Organizations

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A successful manager usually means a successful store or business. A strong, successful manager must be equipped with the ability of having strong communication skills, high level of energy, flexibility, leadership and time management skills, and the most important factor in being a successful manager is the desire and the passion of being a manager. Being a manager comes with many responsibilities for there are several roles that managers play. Management expert, Henry Mintzberg identified the duties a manager and placed them in three categories in his book, “Mintzberg on Management: Inside our Strange World of Organizations," as informational, interpersonal, and decisional, but the basics of management skills that all managers must know is the four basic principles; planning, organizing, directing and monitoring.
The interpersonal, provides information and ideas. In the interpersonal category, here is where managers must use their leadership skills and also communication skills. Managers need to know how to network. Information category provides the processing of information. Managers represent and speak for their company. It is their job to seek out information related to the business and communicate useful information with their colleagues and other employers. Decisional category involves using the information. Here is where the manager creates or control change in the business, or if anything goes wrong, it is up to the manager to resolve the issue. Management duties…
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