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School of Computing and Mathematics
Faculty of BCL
Request for Ethical Approval for Individual Study / Programme of Research by University Students Students conducting PG Independent Scholarship (PG IS), UG Applied Research Project (UG ARP), UG Maths Projects (UG MP) or Learning-through-Work (LTW) projects must complete this form and submit to their project supervisors for approval. After initial approval, project supervisors need to submit these forms to PG IS, UG ARP, UG MP or LTW coordinator who would then submit these to the Chair of the Computing Ethics Committee (CREC) for further consideration. Students conducting PG Research projects (eg MPhil, PhD etc) must also complete this form and submit
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This leads to reduction in costs of operations. b. The employees can easily access information wherever they are, and they do not have to stay in their desks. c. It allows organisations to manage increased storage, than they would on private computer systems. d. The company does not have to spend money on maintenance and hence can be cheaper for its operations.Although the benefits of Cloud computing are evident, there have been questions raised about this technology by Rash (2009), Tidd, Bessant, & Pavitt, (2005) and Shapiro, (2002) all of whom have given various reasons as given below;. a. The main problem facing these organisations is their data security. b. It is not possible to determine the exact benefits that the organisations can accrue.Although it has been found that this technology has many demerits, it is also evident that there are many benefits.For the organisations, the benefits listed above are important and hence provide the motivation for resorting to using the Cloud concept, because, according to Benbasat and Barki (2007), and Schwarz, and Chin, (2007), while large companies can actually afford their own
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