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Training and Development is said to be beneficial for both firms and employees. Why then are some organisations and individuals reluctant to invest in training? The question appears to make assumptions that some organisations and individuals are reluctant to invest in training despite the fact that there are some obvious benefits for both firms and employees with training and development. This essay will explain the meaning of training and development, highlight the positive impacts that training and development have on the performance of employees and organisations, as well as the reason both employees and firms are reluctant to investing in it. Some authors have argued that there is little or no difference between training and…show more content…
Nevertheless, ( 2010) quotes that “profit is an outcome of managing and developing people well. People and their development enable profit. Enable people and you enable profit”. It can be argued that firms are in business to make profit and this can be done through superior customer service, therefore organizations willing to remain in business have to invest in staff training when required so that they can get sustainable returns. Training and development is also very important because it helps in acquiring skills and knowledge required to work with the technology either in production or research that can positively affect the activities of an organisation and the lives of individuals. It helps firms to “increase productivity and value added” (Keep and Mayhew, 2001 cited in Grugulis, 2007). Grugulis (2007) suggests that the productivity of an organisation can be secured as a result of training and development by getting employees ready for current and future jobs. On the other hand, it can be argued that firms do not need to recruit more skilled workers to do the job since it can be done internally; therefore, firms are less reliant on the outside labour market. Although training and development is very important for the success of an organisation although it can be argued that it doesn’t proffer solution to a problem in all cases. For instance, in situations where by an employee obviously has the skills to carry out his work but decide
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