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Read the following story and find more info on Haidilao. Please think and reason why the company has been so far so successful? How do you comment the employer-employee relationship in Haidilao? Why the employees are satisfied with their jobs? What are the intrinsic incentives?

Pushing Customer Services to the Extreme

----A Case Study of Haidilao Hotpot

Many Western visitors to China complain that service industries such restaurants and hotels are not up to international standards. Major problems have been lack of proper attitude on the part of business owners and management. After years of experiences as an owner and customer of many service-oriented business worldwide, I have finally found a restaurant chain in
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My worst experience of waiting for table at a restaurants happened in Japan where customers are usually forced to line up outside the establishment as a free propaganda for the restaurant. Haidilao makes me feel welcomed despite my one-hour wait. I have never seen any restaurant managed the waiting area with so much attention. Amazing employee attitude and attention to details:
Every customer is greeted with a steaming hot towel upon sitting at the table as the young waitress takes order. Each employee at Haidilao I have come to contact with has always been able to answer all my question promptness and appropriately. No one has tried to brush me off with some template answers as we experience at other establishment. They make me feel very much at home when I strike a conversation them or ask for help with anything. I have never seen any employee loitering around chatting with each other loudly and tried to avoid eye contacts with customers as we usually experience at other places. The most amazing thing is that I can sense that those employee are acting genuinely when they goes out of their way to serve me. As I browse through Haidilao 's website, I find the secret of how the company motivates its employee. Looks like they have a standing policy of treating every employee equally and with respect on top of excellent housing and incentive packages. According to its management, Haidilao 's employee turn-over

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