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DROP BOX ASSIGNMENT #1 CHAPTER 1- Pg. 26 1. Identify and describe a great manager. What makes him or her stand out from the crowd? I believe a great manager is someone who can deal with any situation in a professional manner and at the same time make sure his workers are taken care of. What I believe makes a great manager stick out from the crowd, is their personality and their relationship with their subordinates. If you see that the workers are happy, then that says something about their management. 2. Have you ever seen or worked for an ineffective manager? Describe the causes and the consequences of the ineffectiveness I have personally worked with an ineffective manager. I believe the manager did not care about his work…show more content…
Once the customer is sold, they speak with a personal banker to get set up. 5. Name a great organization. How do you think management contributes to making it great? A great organization I feel is 24 Hour Fitness. I feel that the management allows their trainers to do what they do best, thus making happy workers and happy customers 6. Name an ineffective organization. What can management do to improve it? Walmart to me seems to be an ineffective organization, just because the people who work there do not seem happy. I feel like people in general shop there because it’s inexpensive, but I feel management should care more about their workers. Maybe a pay increase, or more breaks. PAMS- Pg. 27-29 My total score was 1,068. I feel that I need some improvement on my management skills. I need to learn to be more assertive and not so lenient when it comes to completing tasks on time. APPENDIX A- Pg. 40 1. How does today’s business world compare with the one of 40 years ago? What is the difference about today, and what is not so different? We are far more advance in today’s business world than 40 years ago. One major difference in today’s business world, is that women are in high positions and CEO’s of companies. That was rare 40 years ago. 2. What is scientific management? How might today’s organization use it? Scientific management was an approach to see what were people’s strengths
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