Management For A Small Planet : Book Review

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Management for a Small Planet: Book Review

This book is based on the environmental issues which help the managers decide on the strategic decisions that are both economically successful and delicate to the natural enviroment. It will help managers to know about the current global and public issues which particularly relate to the economic activities but the businesses. There are scientific, social and economic concepts being introduced, which can be co related to sensitive environmental issues. This can help achieve a long term economic success within the limits of the ecosystem.

The Earth is Small Planet
Over the years of the Industrial Revolution, business organisations have ignored the effects on the Earth which has been caused due to their strategic decisions. In this new view, the organisations will function in an economy which co evolves with the environment and people. Over the years, the Earth has renewed itself many times after any catastrophe or disasters. The Earth finds it’s ways and survives and would continue to thrive. The authors in this book are offering the managers an approach which will help them mange their business to make a positive contribution to improving and protecting the habitat and the condition of life now and in the future. According to Lovelock (1979,1988), the advancement of species and the environment are strongly tied up together as a inseparable process. Before the Industrial Revolution, the population was more involved in…

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