Management For A Small Planet : Book Review

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Management for a Small Planet: Book Review Preface This book is based on the environmental issues which help the managers decide on the strategic decisions that are both economically successful and delicate to the natural enviroment. It will help managers to know about the current global and public issues which particularly relate to the economic activities but the businesses. There are scientific, social and economic concepts being introduced, which can be co related to sensitive environmental issues. This can help achieve a long term economic success within the limits of the ecosystem. The Earth is Small Planet Over the years of the Industrial Revolution, business organisations have ignored the effects on the Earth which has been…show more content…
After the Industrial Revolution, the introduction of powerful fossil fuel energy sources and mass production techniques, modern and improved communication and transport techniques; the humans are now being able to survive and thrive which in turn is helping the population to grow. But with the advancement, the Earth’s natural resources are also being depleted. The humans are doing everything possible to squeeze more and more from less and less. However, with the emergence of new technology this can be changed. Becoming Part of Something Larger The most crucial part of doing business in today’s world is to understand how to make a positive contributions to the quality of life while earning a profit. This can be achieved by considering the new values and concepts of thinking while running a business organisation. (Halal, 1968; Handy 1989; Maslow 1962; Schumacher, 1973.1977; Senge 1990; Senge et al. 2008). According to these authors, the organisations should have a clearer goal in considering the contribution to the quality of life in a larger community and innovate more structures, processes and outputs designed to attain the social, ecological and economic needs of the consumers, employees etc. Edward (2005) has named this development as the ‘sustainable organisation management’. The transition from the Industrial Revolution to the Sustainable Revolution is presently more on ideas and thoughts but less on the solutions.
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