Management Foundations Essay

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Management Foundations Esay The classical management perspective represents the first well-developed framework of management (Davidson. P. et al, 2000). It’s the framework from which later theories evolved and concerns efficiency and productivity, which in turn leads to effective and efficient management. Scientific management and the Administrative theory are both classical management theories, which provide information on managing in the workplace, which are very useful and vital to have in the workplace. These theories are very different in many ways as they both have different purposes when managing in the workplace although there are one or two similarities, which illustrate its importance in the workplace. Both these theories…show more content…
Fredrick Taylor defined his theory as “the one best way for a job to be done” (Robins. S. et al, 2006). Scientific management brought many improvements to productivity, which was much needed and impressive. Highly repetitive jobs were re-designed, with remarkable increases in output, which contributed to the workplace greatly (Davidson. P. et al, 2000). Taylor’s production methods helped create the foundation for improved manufacturing efficiency, greater profits and higher wages (Parayitam. S, 2002). Scientific management eliminated, waste in human energy, waste in equipment, waste in machine power, and instead evolved into an extended planning department so better appliances, improved programs of work and recording of individual work can be introduced (Nyland. C, 2000). Taylor achieved improvements in productivity of 200 per cent or more (Smiths. A, 2000). Taylor stated, “The role of managers is to plan and control, and that of workers to perform as they are instructured”. However, scientific management can also lead to overspecialized jobs, resulting in worker resentment, monotony, poor quality, absenteeism and turnover. Overall, this theory has contributed greatly to the means of understanding management, as the theory is not simplistic better yet informational therefore educational to one. Whereas scientific management deals with the jobs of individual employees, administrative management
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