Management Functions, Roles and Skills

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Strength of an organisation mostly depends on the management team. Without it, the organisation will go haywire. The people who run the management teams are called managers. “Management involves coordinating and overseeing the work activities of others so that their activities are completed efficiently and effectively” (Robbins et al., 2009, p.10). The manager interviewed is Mr. W and works for a small company, Neoncrafts Sdn Bhd. It has been established since January 1993. He holds the top-level, as a managing director (MD) since the business started. The company provides service of installing neon lights. The company is made up of less than 20 employees and its main objective is to provide good service and make profit. The organisation…show more content…
Sometimes it takes years for the idea to get into effect and for it to deliver results. This is a heavy responsibility for Mr. W to carry and therefore he needs the help of his other employees in order to succeed. Teamwork is essential in a small organisation to be successful. Human skill is very important in all level of management. Based on Katz, it can defined as the “ability to work cooperatively with others, to communicate effectively, to resolve conflict and to be a team player but according to Mann (1965), human skills include an understanding of behavioral principles, interpersonal relations, motivation and communication” (Peterson & Fleet, 2004). Human skills are reflected in Mr. W plays the role of a spokesperson, leader, liaison, entrepreneur, disturbance handler, resource allocator and negotiator. This involves communicating with people and having a good command of language is important as it helps Mr. W interact and have a better understanding. This is also to avoid any misunderstanding. First-line managers must be able to have good human skills as they are in charge of the subordinates. They will have to give instructions as well as lead these people in providing a better service. Without it, there will not be any discipline and respect to their superior. Mr. W can never run away from meeting people and developing new relationship. It is essential for Mr. W to maintain his contacts because he might need it in the near
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