Management History And How The Theories Fit Today Essay

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Management history and how the theories fit in modern society? Choose 3 classical ones.
Administrative management by Henry Fayol, scientific management by Frederick Taylor and bureaucratic management by Max Weber were all developed long time ago in the management development history. However, they still have significant influences over the management today and managers today could still apply these ideas to their workplace. This essay is to discuss what these theories are and how they are applied to the management practice today.
All these three management theories have significant influences to today’s management practice.
For example, MacDonald restaurants still use these two principles of scientific management in their operations today. MacDonald has developed the detailed standards and operational manual for each job position and the company uses it to supervise and guide the workers to follow the job design. MacDonald provides employees with training to ensure the employees can perform well regarding these standards.
For example, a sales person has the reporting responsibility to the manager of sales department and the manager of sales department is below CEO. For example, the policy of information use developed for an organisation can help management govern the use of internal and confidential organisational information.
For example, division of work is commonly used today as departmentalisation and it is to group up the people with same interests and advantages to
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