Management Ideas By Golden Circle

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Management Ideas The book not only describes how the leaders inspires us or how they play a vital role in the organization, but it also emphasis on the various practical ideas that can be implemented in an organization to achieve success. Some of the managerial traits that I was able to find in this book are as follows: • Golden Circle Concept: This concept consists of three factors that help to motivate people. Great leaders always try to motivate people, inspire them and make them do the right things. Golden Circle Concept is inspired by Golden ratio which is a mathematical ratio that had caught eye of various influential people such as artists, mathematician and so on (Sinek, 2009, p. 41). This concept focuses on three factors that are used by the leaders such as What, How and Why. For Instance, every company that exists knows what they are doing, some know how they are doing and very few can explain why they are doing the things. Leaders who do things better of others tries to start with why and communicate precisely the every detail (Leadership Excellence Essentials, 2009). • Don’t neglect Why: Why is one of the important factor that helps leaders a lot to achieve success. As, I was reading this book I came to realize that actually everything starts with Why. Those who focuses on all the problems with Why is able to know the roots of the problem and solve it, but ignoring the problems starting with Why or anything associated with Why can be a big mistake made by a
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