Management Information System : An Organization

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Management information system refers to the science and art of collecting, storing, gathering, disseminating and analyzing information that help in decision making when dealing with management of an organization. The emphasis of management information is to improve the operation and production of a given company through the help of information technology. Currently, there is more emphasis on computer networks, database systems, human-computer interaction, security of information, intelligent systems, e-commerce (budding, pricing, infrastructure design and bundling)’ knowledge management, and evolution computation. Management information system can also be said to be the hardware and software system within an organization that helps in…show more content…
These systems underlie every phenomenon and are all part and parcel of a larger system. If one of the elements is removed, the system stops functioning. Together, they allow understanding and interpretation of the universe as a meta-system of interlinked wholes and organize our thoughts about the world. So where did this system originate from? How has the system evolved?
History of management information system
The Management Information System was the whole of information technology originally. As early as the 1960s, practitioners, and other business teaching institutions referred Management Information System as information technology. In those days, the main role of enterprise computing was to aid the CFO and CEO with information systems management for the purpose of running the business. Some of the key procedures given to the CEOs are those of order entry, budgeting, and accounting. Programmers only wrote codes to carry out these procedures since there was no existence of enterprise applications. The system was termed as business critical because the business would fail to in case it moved back to manual accounting. Failure of Management Information System usually endangered the business. Hence, it forced that CFOs to make sure that developers and administrators delivered everything that the accounting sector needed.
In the 1980s, personal computers started becoming a key
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