Management Information System Application

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Introduction to Butt Lights Butt Lights is sole proprietorship of Mr. Dilbar Hameed Butt. It is a lighting retailer shop that started on June 26th 1978. It is located in E68 Defence Chowk, Lahore. The crux of the business is to buy lighting products from Chinese supplier situated in China and sell them through the retailing shop in Lahore, Pakistan. The business has recently expanded and another outlet has been opened in DHA, Lahore. However, due to problems in inventory management of the first shop, the inauguration of the second shop has been delayed. Workforce of Butt Lights: Title | Job Description | 1 Outlet Manager | * Receives the customer and acknowledges their purchase. * Supervise the shop workers. | 2 Shop Workers |…show more content…
The system will not only address the above mentioned problem statements but will also introduce new feature to create further facilities in the shop management. Market Analysis Most of the key players in Light retailing industry use one or another software to manage their inventory. Their facilities are fully automated. For example Al-Madina Lights located in Lahore has a fully automated MS database system to manage the shop. The automatic system ensures customer satisfaction, since they are given information quickly and the customer processing time is reduced. We conducted a market analysis of the problems faced by Butt Light customers when they enter the shop for a purchase. Two main problems are as follows: * Waiting time: the customers have to wait few minutes when they place an order, before they are told whether the products are available in the warehouse. If the products are not available, the customer feels a little irritated to have made to wait with no fruit. * The customer has to give his information every time he visits the shop since the shop does not maintain customer record. Graphical representation of percentage of interviews customers who faced the two problems: Market Analysis Validating the Need for inventory management software According to the market analysis, both the problems faced by the customers can be resolved by the proposed iMagic inventory management Sofware. * Since the
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