Management Information System

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The aim of this assignment is to produce a report about the Management Information System used within the organization of my choice.

The organization I choose is Starbucks Coffee Company ltd, where I have been working for the last two years as a Shift Manager.

The aim of this report is to identify two Management Information Systems used in Starbucks and how the MIS facilitate problem solving.

This report describes hardware and software used to obtain, store and analyze data.

The last part of the report includes possible weakness in the company’s system, how they could be resolved and what possible training could be provided to help staff to cope with new technologies.

Report based on Management
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A start of day and end of day is run into the system on a daily base.

Shift managers can access cash management functions that are used to count tills, modify or correct transactions and to prepare daily bank deposit.

A menu of available reports is available on a report menu.

The Store manager can access these reports to track sales, find out customer transactions within different hours range, to check sale by product category, to record wastage, to carry a financial audit.

All this information is relevant for Store Managers to identify business requirements and customer needs, to identify peak time in the store, to increase or amend product ordering, to control wastage and track stock and decide whether is necessary to cut labour.

Managers can access staff information and personal details in the work station, they can insert new partners, terminate partners, maintain employee records, track employee‘s training and process payroll.

The payroll process transfers information to the support centre in order to pay partners.

Store Manager and the shift supervisors can use the IRIS System to process electronic ordering for food, stationery, packaging.

The IRIS System can also use e-mail set up for communicating with London Support centre and other stores within the district and others.

The Fundamental functions of the role of managers are five:

• Planning is possibly the most important managerial function.

Planning is the process of

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