Management Information System

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1. Be able to understand the impact of management information on decision making Definitions of Management Information System: “The study of MIS is not about the use of computers, it is about the provision and use of information relevant to the user. Computers are one - albeit important - means of producing information and concentration on the means of production rather than the needs of the user can lead to expensive mistakes." (Lucey [1997] pg 195) “A system to convert data from internal and external sources into information and to communicate that information, in an appropriate form, to managers at all levels in all functions to enable them to make timely and effective decisions for planning, directing and controlling…show more content…
The over load that is which is flooded should be summarise so as to avoid confusion. Accuracy: A complete system of mechanised and standard control ought to endure the “information system processing” action. Information must be balanced and controlled and edited in regular intervals. Proper audit functions externally and internally must be done so as to attain accuracy. Consistency: The data which is received should be arranged informally, consistensively. The wrong method of collecting data and reporting the data can affect the trend analysis as well as the information. Data collection methods and reporting change in regular intervals, so the entity must have proper method to evaluate the changes. The methods must be filed into form of document and well defined so as to communicate with proper person in aright time with highly effective counselling system. The components of MIS are elucidated below: “Transaction processing monitor”: It also known as transaction processing system. It is destructive programme which monitor the programs related to the transaction. For example in airlines booking, if the seats are reserved should be blockage of that seat so as to avoid double booking, this also a type of transaction. It is mainly maintained for effective function, recovery process and to avoid failures. “Decision support systems”: There are particular class which aid
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