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1. Introduction
1.1 Background of the report:
We have selected Huawei Technologies Company Limited for our MIS project. We selected Huawei Technologies Company Limited because this is a Chinese company .At first we selected Citycell (Telecom Operator), but when we visited City cell we learnt that City-cell is now using Huawei product, and Huawei is a Chinese company. We know about the quality of Chinese product. Most of the Chinese product can not make people happy or satisfied. But we found that Huawei now is one of the top positions in the world. This inspired us about the Huawei.
Huawei Bangladesh branch office is located in Gulshan 1 Uday tower. We visited the office and talked to the Assistant Manager
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Huawei Technologies is a private high-tech enterprise which specializes in research and development (R&D), production and marketing of communications equipments, and providing customized network solutions for telecom carriers. Huawei is also using high technology including internet based information systems for the production and quality control purpose. We divided Huawei Information Technologies into four parts. • Huawei Computer Hardware. • Huawei Computer Software. • Huawei Data Resource Management. • Huawei Telecommunications and Networks.
Benefits from the High Technology:
The high technology system reduced the need for transportation of materials and decreased production time, thereby increasing the all-round efficiency and quality of production

Major Area: We have selected two major areas for our project. • Major Area 1: Part 1: Huawei computer hardware. Part 2: Huawei Computer Software. • Major Area 2: Part 1: Huawei data resource management. Part 2: Huawei telecommunications and networks.
3.1 Major Area 1: Huawei Computer Hardware (Part 1):
Huawei technologies company Ltd is a well reputed company. In Bangladesh they are now in top positions. Huawei strictly maintain some rules and regulations to their all department.
3.1.1 Huawei Computer Systems: Huawei is using Microcomputer systems and mid range systems. Basically Huawei uses computer in their most of the working activity. Huawei
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