Management Information Systems

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Essential of MIS (9th edition)

Chapter 1

1) As discussed in the chapter opening case, the Yankees ' use of information systems in their new stadium can be seen as an effort to achieve which of the primary business objectives?
A) Operational excellence
B) Survival
C) Customer and supplier intimacy
D) Improved decision making

2) Journalist Thomas Friedman 's description of the world as "flat" referred to:
A) the flattening of economic and cultural advantages of developed countries.
B) the use of the Internet and technology for instantaneous communication.
C) the reduction in travel times and the ubiquity of global exchange and travel.
D) the growth of globalization.

3) The six important business objectives of information
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B) information systems architecture.
C) management information systems.
D) information technology infrastructure.

17) A hierarchy:
A) results in a clear-cut division of labor.
B) is composed primarily of experts trained for different functions.
C) is a pyramid structure of rising authority and responsibility.
D) is used primarily in large organizations to define job roles.

18) In a hierarchical organization, the upper levels consist of:
A) managerial and professional workers.
B) managerial, professional, and technical workers.
C) professional and operational workers.
D) managerial, professional, and operational workers.

19) The fundamental set of assumptions, values, and ways of doing things that has been accepted by most of a company 's members is called its:
A) culture. B) environment.
C) atmosphere. D) values.

20) Business processes:
A) include informal work practices.
B) are used primarily for sales and accounting functions.
C) are governed by information technology.
D) are logically related tasks used primarily by operational personnel.

21) Data management technology consists of:
A) the physical hardware and media used by an organization for storing data.
B) the detailed, preprogrammed instructions that control and coordinate the computer hardware
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