Management Information Systems: IP Address

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What makes everything work is the basic infrastructure that is utilized to allow them to transmit data instantaneously. To fully understand the way this is achieved requires focusing on: packets / routers, IP addresses and the advantages of private / public IP addresses. Together, these elements will highlight how they work in conjunction with each other to connect various electronic devices to a host of platforms. (Parson, 2010) (Wyld, 2011)
What are packets and routers?
A router is computer which is designed to run on more than one network. This is accomplished utilizing specialized software. That allows them to connect various networks together in order to handle large amounts of traffic. A packet is a unit of data which is used to link the router between the origin and a predetermined destination on the Internet. These two areas work in conjunction with each other to handle large amounts of traffic in order to be directed to specific locations securely. (Kroenke, 2013) (Parson, 2010) (Wyld, 2011)
What is an IP address?
An IP address is a code of numbers that is separated by a www dot sequence. This is used to identify the location of a particular computer on the Internet. When someone logs on, this enables them to go to these locations in order to connect with this…