Management Information Systems in Applebee's & Dominos Pizza

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The management information system (MIS) has a primary task of helping an organization become and stay efficient and effective. Managers use this computer-based system to organize, analyze, and execute plans to help the organization flow and accomplish its goals. The system can be used to study information in the form of employees, cost, profit, tecknology, procedures and documents.

Often MIS are much different from standard information systems because they study other information systems that are related to the operational tasks in an establishment. It is highly important for an organization to understand what MIS they need in order to remain competitive in the industry. Secondly, it is important for an organization to have
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The Dominos’ PULSE system also known as a point-of sale system can be found in all domestic Dominos stores and also in majority of all the Dominos stores located around the world. With the Pulse system, day to day operation runs more efficiently and smoothly. The touch screen helps the worker correctly take the order (kind of pizza, toppings, size).

The system also takes into consideration any promotions Dominos may be offering. This allows the employee to focus his/her attention on other customer needs thus improving the chances the customer will return in the future. The Pulse system further provides a “delivery routing system” to the driver. The driver will learn of his/her destination and the best way to get there. Do to the level of efficiency, Dominos has been able to give offerings such as the “30 minutes or less deal”. If a customer orders a pizza and 30 minutes has passed then the pizza will be on the house “free”. Dominos has used this strategy to gain the attention of hopeful customers. However, due to efficiency in delivering pizza resulting from the PULSE system Dominos usually delivers its pizza in less than 30 minutes. Further more system managers can spend more time focusing on store operations due to the improved administrative and reporting capabilities of the system.

Dominos Pizza has required all stores both domestic and international to install the system. The advantages are obvious and it can be a disadvantage to run a

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