Management Is A Wide Field

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Management is a wide field, which contains different factors from various disciplines. The questions like what is the nature of managerial work and what does it mean to be great leader have been discussed for the past four or five decades. There is no one proper definition what exactly management is, but some interpretations have occurred. To answer the question, the main focus of analysis should “start by investigating what those deemed managers do rather than to debate a priori who managers ‘really are’ (Hales, 1986). One of the basic rule is that management is the work concerned with improving the effectiveness of work or operations. Many people have carried out their own research to find out about principles of managerial work and try…show more content…
The process is: planning, organizing, co-ordinating, commanding and controlling. Fayol believed that principles, laws could be mostly deducted from observation and experience. His research is reliable, because he built his work on personal work experience. He had worked his way up the ladder to become the director of a 1,000-employee mining company in France. He kept his research in notebooks and diaries. Undoubtedly, Fayol 's "14 Principles of Management" have been a significant influence on modern management theory. His practical list of principles helped early 20th century managers learn how to organize and interact with their employees in a productive way. Fells (2000) argue that Fayol’s assumptions stand the test of time. It is clear that readability is the most benefit from his research, because each principle has its own significant use, so it is easy to concentrate on each and every subject. However, his theory has some weaknesses as well. The main disadvantage is that the research is based on humans and as humans are naturally going to make mistakes. The theory works on the basis of having harmony among people in which unity forms to create a strong management team. However, when mistakes are made it can undermine the entire strength of the team. Furthermore, his conclusion was so extensive and did not include many details, which was at least the base of upcoming studies on managerial work.
It became clear that
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