Management Is An Art, A Science, Or Neither?

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Currently, the development of management has been very remarkable in line with the development of science and technology. Management is required by all organisations, because without management all efforts will be in vain and the achievement of goals will be more difficult. There are three main reasons for the need of management. The first is to achieve goals of an organisation. The second is to maintain a balance among conflicting objectives. The third is to attain efficiency and effectiveness. Efficiency is doing things right, by completing activities to achieve the goals of the organisation itself. Meanwhile effectiveness is doing the right things, where his work focuses on efforts to minimise the cost of resources used responsibly. Although practices of management has been progressing quite rapidly and satisfy the users, nonetheless there has been continuous debates at the academic’s level where management should be grouped as an art, a science, or neither. This essay will discuss whether management is an art, a science, or neither. Firstly, this essay will portray management as an art, then we will illustrate management as a science. Secondly, this essay will also consider that management is neither an art nor a science. Finally, this essay is expected to be able to contribute to the development of management and will propose that the combination of art and science is likely more suitable for a manager in making decision. Management is an Art The popular management

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