Management Is Not A One Person Job

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Management is not a one-person job; it is a team effort where one mission is completed by working together. In this assignment, we learned first-hand how managers work together and manage their organization. We were able to see how managers face organizational politics and how they react to the effects of politics throughout the company. These managers also taught us how a diverse workplace can help their company and impact the way they do business. Management also takes place outside of the workplace. We will look at how having social responsibility in the community can help improve the perception of the company. We will also learn what motivates managers to exceed in their jobs. We will identify the skills required for a manager to succeed and how managers keep their employees engaged at work. Finally, we will look at how changes in the organization can affect the way management operates its day-to-day functions. After exploring these areas, we found that managers are very involved in their company. Everything managers do is for the company because they feel like the workplace is a second home and their coworkers are like family to them. Communicating their problems and needs foster an open environment, which allows management and employees to excel. Working together helps form a company into one unit dedicated to its customers.

Question 1 Some managers have to deal with some sort of organizational politics, while others rarely come across

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