Management Is The Basic Function Of Management

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Management is a common and important term involving in all kinds of organizations such as businesses, political, cultural or social. Management has been described as the process of dealing with things or people (Oxford Dictionary). There are four basic functions that make up the effective management process: Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling. Catriona Noble, who started from a 14-year-old casual crew member to the first female CEO of One of McDonald’s top ten subsidiaries in the world, applies successfully these functions in operating McDonald’s Australia.
Planning is the basic function of management which involves in defining goals, setting up strategy, and developing plans to best achieve of the goals. Typically, planning also involves flexibility in the organization and knowledge of the company’s recourses. Thus it is important to have planning skills to establish the right strategic objectives before making tactical decision (Burrows, 2016). Understanding planning is a key in running business, Catriona Noble has been a crucial driving force in changing McDonald’s menu. She endeavours to find out the different opinion of customers about the food in order to modify menu items that suit consumer tastes. She also really concerns about criticisms towards McDonald’s fattier items and aims to use a lower-fat and healthier way to cook. As a business leader, she effectively uses planning skills to develop and monitor individual aspects of projects, and determine
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