Management Issues And Resolutions : Motivation, Communication, Training & Risk Management

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MANAGEMENT ISSUES AND RESOLUTIONS: Motivation, Communication, Training & Risk Management While a person can be extremely intelligent in a general aspect they can lack emotional intelligence. This causes the work environment or people to be miserable, lack of motivation, and dissatisfaction with their jobs and quite often their lives. Another issue in the organization is communication skills or lack of thereof. Lastly inadequate training can and usually does lead to incidents and that is not using proper risk management techniques. The Importance of Motivated Employees Emotional intelligence is generally defined in terms or mental and cognitive abilities, the ability to relate interpersonally, interact well with followers satisfy their emotional needs, and motivate and inspire them is the key to effective leadership and management (Nahavandi, 2015, p.80). Emotional intelligence is a key aspect in the motivation of employees and studies have shown that the more motivated an employee is the better results they will product for the organization. Performance is a function of motivation, ability, and the environment in which you work (Carpenter, 2010, p. 355). Motivation has a strong behavioral component and it is important for managers because it is one of the elements that affect performance (Nahavandi, 2015, p.140). Being in the military “The Mission” always comes first. Leadership tends to forget employees are human beings. This contributes to the lack of motivation in the

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