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The process of assuring an organization to be able to run smoothly is called as Management.
Managers are capable to make decisions that will impact an organization in every phase. These decisions vary from employing new staff to taking a company public. Management is not an easy task, and good managers are highly respected.
Management is like investment. Its main purpose is to extract the most out of every resource available in the organization. Management can be called as achieving targets in such a way that all the resources are utilized to the best. We need to have through understanding of what management is to understand the necessary skills to develop it. Effective managers are productive and are good team builders and teachers. Managers need to ask open ended questions in order to get new solutions out of resources or employees. This questioning process helps to initiate better understanding with the employees. It is very important that the employee needs to know who they are entitled to report to and who are they supposed to contact for assistance or clarification. A Manager should always motivate and identify the need of employees and should immediately address them for a better productivity. What’s more that drives one to succeed may be not the same as what drives an alternate? It is vital to figure out which administration style works best for every person. An awful supervisor treats his representatives as machines. A decent director perceives that there are…

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