Management : Management Careers And Diversity Essay

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Management Careers and Diversity
Ongori and Agolla (2007) state that managing workforce diversity in an organization is a complex phenomenon. They suggest that with the current organizational transformations being implemented across the globe, management of workforce diversity cannot be downplayed. Diversity in the workforce is based on the acknowledgement of the reality that people are different in more than one way, mainly in terms of culture and ethnicity, personality, religion, sexual orientation, disability, social status, marital status, gender, and age (Shem et al., 2009). Affirmative actions taken by various groups to address the plight of minorities coupled with the free movement of labor has made workforce diversity management a core issue in both private organizations and government agencies (Ongori & Agolla, 2007). The following is a discussion of the need for diversity training for all employees in a company for the purpose of avoiding future litigations and issues of equal opportunity employment, EEE. The paper also addresses how diversity fits in the development of the organization and suggests a strategic plan for diversity training inclusion and implementation.
Need for Diversity Training The diversity related lawsuits that companies face are outcomes of the many legislations set by governments to promote harmony and equality (Michele et al., 2004). As Michele et al. (2004) put it, compliance was initially done in an effort to meet legal and
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