Management: Marketing and Adobe

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------------------------------------------------- INTRODUCTION This case features a highly diversified software company at the top of its game. Content is provided to enable a thorough situation analysis. A discussion of industry trends, the competitive environment, and competitor information is included, along with internal elements regarding Adobe’s strategic approach, product portfolio, culture, organizational structure, and human resources. Primary among the company’s current strategic concerns is the need for Adobe to protect and strengthen its position of market leadership in the face of changing industry conditions. As competitors challenge the sustainability of Adobe’s business strategy for design software and digital…show more content…
Cloud Computing The rapid advent of on-demand software and storage services has introduced significant savings for corporate consumers. By running web applications from centralized servers, enterprises reduce hardware, maintenance, and licensing costs and increase the efficiency of computing. This trend threatens Adobe with a low cost, highly responsive, pay-as-you-use software alternative to its premium products. Enterprise Marketing Management The software market targeted for the management of enterprise marketing is estimated to be worth $2.5 billion per year, and this figure is expected to double annually for the foreseeable future. Global Markets Growth potential in emerging markets is extremely high. As economic interdependence intensifies across regional borders, organizations will increase their reliance on Internet-based information technology. This provides another opportunity for Adobe to expand the use of its products and services and to secure long-term revenue streams. Adobe must weigh the advantages of pioneering and the company’s desire to expand against industry and economic uncertainties. The rapid rate of change associated with the online environment, especially related to media and data exchange platforms and file encoding formats, impacts the company’s strategic decisions. As the market leader in media creation and editing software, perhaps
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