Management Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations 10 Ed

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* Chapter 1: Management Overview Chapter 1: Management Overview Managers * People who allocate and oversee the use of resources * Management * One or more managers individually and collectively setting and achieving goals by exercising related functions and coordinating various resources * Goal * An outcome to be achieved or a destination to be reached over a period of time through the exercise of management functions and the expenditure of resources * Objective * A short term goal that is achieved in less than a year * Specific * Measurable * Attainable * Results-oriented * Time-limited * Organization * An entity managed by one or more…show more content…
| Managers are reflective, methodical planners with time to systematically plan and work through a day. | th #2. | Effective managers have no regular duties to perform. They establish others’ responsibilities in advance and then relax to watch others do the work. | Myth #3. | The manager’s job is a science; managers work systematically and analytically to determine programs and procedures. | Myth #4. | “Managers are self-starting, self-directing, and autonomous, or they would not be managers.” | Myth #5. | “Good managers seek out the information they need.” | Myth #6. | “Competition among managers is good for . . . business.” | * Managers are evaluated by: * How effectively they play the three sets of
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