Management Method of Jack Ma

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Management Method of Jack Ma


Jack Ma is a wonderful leader, he use his talent create Alibaba this successful company .This article is about Jack Ma and his management methods ,it is mainly focus on 4 parts : target ,system of values , mission and teamwork . Jack Ma use his special management skill create a new era . This article will show us how important management and leadership are , also tell the rules for manage company and employee . What can those skills bring us and how to use them in our daily life .

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Jack Ma put customers in the most important part , staffs should become customer service to their instinct . Jack knew that , nowadays concept is very indistinct , what the customers need are genuineness service . The nuclear is made their product according to the market and listen to customers attentively . As a E-commerce platform , Alibaba use the world 's original creation B2B system , after exchange their idea to customers , they found the main problem that over 87% company worry about is integrity , so Alibaba first provide Trustpass service . Jack Ma 's opinion is provide good service so that we can have more customers . After B2B system , Alibaba then create B2C and C2C system and new trading platform like Zhifubao .
Jack Ma considered that short term passion is worthless , only lasting passion can make money . But what is lasting passion ? Now Alibaba is !0 years old , the average age of their staff is 26 , Alibaba is still in childhood , after 10 years the company become 20 , their staffs are 36 years old , they are in prime of life and have boundless prospects . Jack leave more chance for the young people , cause they can last the passion of the company , Jack Ma 's management method tell us we should give more chance to young people , they are the fresh bloody for a company , they can always inject passion to their work and make good use of their competition .


Mission is a kind of identity , for business
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