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Introducing a new concept of work practice to an organization means changes have to occur in order to accommodate it. This would lead to organizational changes and may disrupt work patterns. Often, a change is necessary if an organization means to be competitive, and unless new ways and methods are developed and introduced, an organization may find itself lagging and not competitive. Benchmarking is one of those concepts that aim to improve work practices and achieve optimum results. Because change can bring negative connotations, it is important to take careful steps to effect change without major disruption to employees who would, more likely, be resistant to a new concept that may threaten their work comfort zone. So, effective …show more content…
There are many factors that have to be considered prior to implementation of change in an organization, in this case a hospital. Employees in an organization, such as a hospital, are likely to resist changes. So it is inevitable that some obstacles will appear when benchmarking is introduced. The resistance to change is often generated by the lack of understanding of the proposed change, so, providing training to people affected by the change would help reduce their resistance and make the change more acceptable. (Massey & Williams, 2006) argues that when management provides employees with guidance and training then they are more likely to be accepting of change and taking responsibility, ownership and commitment to the new working environment. When the benefits of benchmarking to employees are outlined, whereby their work will be easier and their product would be more optimal, then they are likely to recognize the need for the introduction of the proposed system. (Massey & Williams, 2006) states that the aforementioned argument would lead employees to agree that their workplace needs the change and what follows will be a discussion on how to make the process and the job easier to perform.
Ensuring that employees are well informed about the nature of the proposed changes and the expectations of their organization management of them in implementing the change is

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